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Diamonds, gemstones, and pearls care guide

How to ensure your embellished jewelry lasts forever

Your jewelry is designed to withstand the normal rigors of modern life, but keep in mind that they are still made from precious metals and delicate stones, so a bit of TLC wouldn’t go astray. Try to minimize exposure to cleaning agents, beauty products, water and chemicals as much as possible, and even more so if the gold is vermeil.

How to clean embellished jewelry

Mix a few drops of detergent-free soap with warm water. One piece at a time, soak your jewelry and the use a very soft brush to lightly clean each piece. Rinse with care (and don’t drop it down the drain – learn from our experience)! Finally, lightly dry the jewelry with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.

Take note: opals, pearls and birthstones are not as durable as diamonds, so those will require more caution; opals and pearls especially should be treated with care similar to the care tips for vermeil (i.e. limit exposure to perfume, lotion, and chemicals).

Where do your diamonds come from and what is the standard?

We like our conscience clear and our diamonds clearer. Jewelry isn’t the most ethical industry, and we are here to change that. Each diamond is carefully chosen and tracked, strictly adhering to the Kimberley Process. Our mines are run under ethical and safe working conditions with fair wages and the utmost respect for the local indigenous communities.

We focus our diamonds to be sourced between color range D-G  (with D meaning colorless), so there will be variability; we can’t specifically make one piece by using one specific diamond color, but our prices take this into account. The bigger the diamond in the piece, the more we focus on using a color grade D diamond. In terms of clarity, all of our diamonds are SI2 clarity.


Where do your gemstones come from?

Our gemstones are sourced from around the world, and majority of our birthstones come from Asia. Every gemstone is a natural stone so they will vary in appearance for color, saturation, and hue. We do not use lab grown or man-made gemstones.


Where do your pearls come from?

Our pearls are cultivated on family-run farms where they are carefully harvested — both for the pearl’s wellbeing and the safety of the marine environment. When harvesting our AAA-grade large pearls, we take to the depths of the South Sea. For our smaller Akoya style pearls, we source straight from Japan.


How to store your embellished jewelry

Always store your diamonds, genstomes, and pearls in a dry and cushy area, like your Aurate travel pouch, to prevent exposure to the elements. Don’t keep it stored for too long though – it was made to be worn!

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