The Icon Edition

Some designs are just instantly iconic – that was certainly the case for one of our earliest
collections, the Icon Edition. Inspired in form by the AUrate logo, and in concept by our unswerving commitment to only producing the highest quality jewelry from real, sustainable, solid gold, the Icon Edition combines fierce lines and fine materials to create a range of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, anklets and cuffs that will earn you an instant 'A'; for understated chic.

Icon Anklet

14K $220

Icon Bracelet

14K $220

Icon Bracelet with Diamonds

14K $600

Icon Cuff

Vermeil $320

Icon Earring with Black Diamonds

14K $600

Icon Earring with White Diamonds

14K $650

Icon Earrings

14K $180

Icon Necklace

14K $280

Icon Necklace with Diamonds

14K $650

Icon Ring

14K $380

Icon Ring with Black Diamonds

14K $750

Icon Ring with White Diamonds

14K $800

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