See our process from start to finish

See our process from start to finish

Fine jewelry, born and raised in New York

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy

Call us picky, but we believe high standards are a good thing. What began as designing jewelry we wanted in our own jewelry boxes, has evolved into a transformation of the fine jewelry industry.

Fundamentally, we believe that every woman deserves jewelry that lives up to the high bar she sets. So we focus on what matters: durable materials built for everyday wear and tear, transparent pricing as friendly as your neighbor's dog, sustainable production to offset our carbon footprint, and tangible giving for a sparkling conscience.

You set the gold bar, we simply strive to meet it.

Our Designs

Our Designs

Whether statements or staples, all our gold begins as pencil.

We start by sketching the details of everyday, rather our co-founder and designer Sophie does, giving each piece the same originality and individuality of our women. Drawing from her many muses across NYC — rings modeled after the arches of the Brooklyn Bridge, earrings inspired by doorknobs, and the never-ending movement of the city — Sophie takes design inspiration from real, everyday life and sets the stage for us to add a little shine.

Our Quality

Our Quality

Each of our pieces is designed and handmade using ethically sourced and sustainably made 14K gold, 18K gold, and 14K gold-plated vermeil. We maintain a rigorous process to ensure that each piece lasts a lifetime.

So we go the extra mile, coating our vermeil in 14K gold (instead of the industry standard of 10K gold) and finish with a protective layer of top coat.

And we dive a little deeper by harvesting our larger pearls from the South Sea with the highest quality AAA-grade and our smaller Akoya style pearls straight from Japan.

We also look a little closer by meticulously sourcing our diamonds, handpicking, and lab-testing them to ensure ideal cut, color, and at least SI quality clarity.

Last but not least, our seventh generation craftsmen work a little harder here while we oversee every step of the process.

Go ahead, call us helicopter moms.

Our Quality

Our Culture

At Aurate, diversity has always been at the core of our values. We were founded in 2015 by two females with a mission to give equal opportunities to all, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or background. While we always strive to be transparent, we want to provide more information with you, our community, on just how serious we take this.

Our Sourcing

Our Sourcing

We design in NYC and the majority of our pieces are made locally, right in the middle of Manhattan. We've also expanded our horizon and scoured the globe to find the best of the best in their specific areas of expertise. We source from Asia to the Middle East to South America, to simply bring the finest craftsmanship straight to you.

Our Ethics

Our Ethics

We only use materials that keep our consciences as clear as our diamonds. There are a lot of ugly practices in jewelry and we're out to change that.

So we began by only using 100% recycled gold. Recycled gold is an amazing resource, able to be repeatedly reused without diminishing in quality and without creating any environmental decay.

Going a step further we decided to take the same approach with our diamonds and precious gems. We track every single one from mine to workshop, strictly adhering to the Kimberly Process and additionally insisting that our mines have acceptable working conditions, offer fair pay, and respect local indigenous communities.

Only using family-run farms who give back to their local communities, our pearls are sustainably farmed and sensitively harvested to ensure the wellbeing and biodiversity of the marine environment.

Jewelry with strong ethics—for all your antics.

Our Prices

Our prices

Fine jewelry deserves fair prices. And so do you.

Since all of our jewelry is born, raised, and designed in NYC we don’t charge import taxes, use unnecessary middlemen, or add insane markups.

Our Giving

Our giving

Those who do good sparkle more. And even though our diamonds don't need the extra shine, we pay it forward so that we give as much as we get.

Paying homage to how they met in school, Sophie and Bouchra decided to partner with Mastery Charter from the very beginning. Every year, Aurate donates thousands of books to support and empower the developing literacy and imagination of children in need across U.S. schools.

Our Founders

Our Founders

It wasn't contemporary, affordable fine jewelry that brought Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui - longtime friends from grad school - together to start Aurate in 2015, rather the absence of it. Over their regular brunch one weekend, Sophie complained about her green finger (having worn what she was told was a pure gold ring).

Together they decided to take matters into their own (semi-green) hands.

Hailing from the Netherlands and Morocco respectively, the two combined Sophie's background in fashion and Bouchra's experience in finance to bring transparency and quality to the fine jewelry market.

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