Made in New York

We are exceptionaly proud of our craftsmen in New York City, who lovingly create our jewelry.

Fine, finer, finest

Everything we make is fine jewelry that will last a lifetime.

Our smaller and more timeless items are 18K and 14K gold.

Our larger and more fashion-forward pieces are Vermeil / 14k Gold plated over Sterling Silver
(as part of our commitment to offering you with the highest quality jewelry, we never plate over brass or copper).

We only select diamonds with S1 clarity or above, guaranteeing you the brightest and highest-quality stones.

We are so confident in the quality of AUrate pieces, we offer a two-year warranty, no questions asked.

Ethically Sourced

Where our products are born matters just as much as where they end up living.

We source our gold in accordance with the highest standards of social, environmental and human rights practices.

We purchase our diamonds from conflict-free sources, in compliance with all applicable UN resolutions.

Fair Price

Traditional jewelry can be priced up to 20x the cost.

With AUrate we do things differently, so that you pay for products only we avoid store costs, like rent, staff, insurance etc.

We do not sell through third parties that markup the price by 300%.

We focus on word-of-mouth and organic marketing.

Bye bye middlemen. Hello fair value.