What is my ring size?


2.5 microns of 14K gold on top of Sterling Silver.


58% pure gold. The remaining % is an alloy to enhance durability.


75% pure gold. The remaining % is an alloy to enhance durability.

14k $50

Stackable Ring

Choose your own adventure with our infinitely versatile Stackable Ring.


What's my ring size?

Made in NYC

Cast from fine, strong gold, our Stackable Rings are perfect for adding a subtle accent or in decorative combinations. Sized to fit any finger both low down and above the knuckle, you can play it as minimal or maximal as you like.

Jewelry at its finest

Handcrafted using our exceptional, sustainable and ethical 14k or 18k gold.




Fine gold bands are designed to fit snugly together for comfortable stacking.





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Styling tip: Add our Tricolor Ring or Bridge Ring to turn up the glow

Tricolor Ring

14K $200

Bridge Ring

14K $550

Shipping & Returns

Global shipping from NYC to your door

30-day, no-questions returns.

Quality guaranteed for life.

24/7 customer support

What’s my ring size?

To determine your ring size, please print this page and match the inside of one of your rings with one of the circles below. If your ring falls between any two circles, pick a half size.

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