Jewelry First-Aid Kit 4 fl oz
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Jewelry First-Aid Kit


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Our jewelry is made for real life. And real life? It gets messy. That’s where our First Aid Kit comes in.

Your gold is designed to withstand the rigors of modern life, and our high quality pieces can be worn all day, every day. Even still, precious metals and delicate stones always need a little TLC to maintain their shine and luster. Bring out our First Aid Kit for a life-detox every few months, and no one will ever know just how often your gold gets around. Use it for pearls, diamonds, gemstones, you name it. 4 fl oz of cleaning solution may not last as long as our jewelry, but it will last a while - and you can always buy a another.

Included: 4 fl oz jar of Gentle Jewelry Cleaner, 4 ply 6x8" polishing cloth, 1 jewelry care card.

Final Sale item.

Our super gentle cleaner can be used on any natural stone, including opals and pearls. Immerse your jewelry in the cleanser for two minutes, rinse carefully, and blot dry–don't drop it down the drain! Finish with our polishing cloth for extra shine. For stringed jewelry, dampen a soft cloth with solution and wipe. And voila! Safe for daily use. For more info, check out our FAQ.





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