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AUde to Women


Women's Equality Day is a big one for us!

We're a company founded by women to bring better products to women, so Women's Equality Day is a big one for us.

To all the trailblazers and suffragists who came before us, who fought to create a more equal world, thank you. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

We all know there’s still a lot of work that lies ahead.

Whether it’s the flagrant wage gap here at home (#20LESSISBS) 
or the fact that over 60 Million girls are denied an education across the globe, the list goes on and it’s not pretty...

Today is a reminder for us all, to focus on the opportunities that lie ahead. When we work together, stand strong and unite, magic happens. 

So, our message? Lift each other up, help your mother, daughter, girlfriend, colleague, or neighbor. Those who stick together, win together –and men can come along for the ride. ;)


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