Golden Hour

Aurate x She Should Run

Aurate x She Should Run

We are so excited to support She Should Run, a
nonpartisan nonprofit striving to increase the number of women considering a
run for public office. This July 4th, as we show our patriotic pride in red,
white, and blue, we ask you to join us in gold as well. In addition to
donating 20% off all proceeds to She Should Run, we will be educating
and informing all of our female shoppers on how to get involved this
(and every) election year.

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Band of Mothers: Zaynab Chaudry

AUde to Women

Band of Mothers: Zaynab Chaudry

Because being a mom means giving your heart to another to watch them grow, learn and explore. This Mother’s Day, Aurate is honoring all the incredible mothers like you who put their whole heart into everything they do, while giving it fully to their children.

Today we talked to Zaynab Chaudry, founder of a mothers memoir of style, beauty and travel about how she hopes to leave an impact on her little one.

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