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Aurate x She Should Run

Aurate x She Should Run

When we first started Aurate, the jewelry industry was a man’s world. Sure, the gold settings and glittery gemstones were worn by women, but they were marketed by and sold to men — veiled under the assumption that even though women did the wearing, they never did the buying.

The confidence to break this mold, to take on the industry and change the meaning of jewelry entirely did not come easy. There were many times fear crept in and doubt popped up, but nevertheless we felt the excitement and the demand from women. From friends complimenting necklaces to a global community of empowered voices making a difference one ring stack at a time, women have made Aurate much more than the beautiful pieces we make. A destination for change, a platform to make a difference, we draw strength from the contributions of our female friends across the globe and shine a spotlight on the issues that matter to them, no matter how big or small.

That’s why we are so excited to support She Should Run, a nonpartisan nonprofit striving to increase the number of women considering a run for public office. This July 4th, as we show our patriotic pride in red, white, and blue, we ask you to join us in gold as well. In addition to donating 20% off all proceeds to She Should Run, we will be educating and informing all of our female shoppers on how to get involved this (and every) election year. Our jewelry is designed to be worthy of the women who wear it, so let’s raise them up in every way we can. Let’s work together to make women the majority in office, not just population. Let’s inspire, create, and foster change together. Interested in getting involved further? Here are small ways to make a difference:

1. Join The Community

2. Role Call

3. Ask A Woman To Run