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Band of Mothers: Alexa von Tobel

Band of Mothers: Alexa von Tobel

Because being a mom means giving your heart to another to watch them grow, learn and explore. This Mother’s Day, Aurate is honoring all the incredible mothers like you who put their whole heart into everything they do, while giving it fully to their children.

Next up we chat with Alexa von Tobel, CFP® is founder and managing partner of Inspired Capital and the New York Times-Bestselling Author of Financially Fearless and Financially Forward. Alexa has been honored with numerous recognitions including: Fortune’s 40 Under 40, Fortune's Most Powerful Women, Forbes’ 30 Under 30, Inc. Magazine's 30 Under 30 and World Economic Forum's Young Global Leader.

Originally from Florida, Alexa attended Harvard College and Harvard Business School before settling in New York City where she currently resides with her husband, Cliff Ryan, and their three children. 

What is one thing your mother has passed onto you? An incredible work ethic

What is something you hope to pass onto your child/children? My mom's work ethic! 

How do you hope to be remembered by your child? As a permanent source of comfort, love, and stability. 

What is your everyday, go-to mom hack during this extra time at home? Putting as much household shopping (e.g. groceries) as possible on autopilot via Amazon. I like to automate the small stuff, so I can focus my energy on the big stuff - spending time with my family.

How do you encourage creativity in your children? By leaning in to what my children want to do—like when my daughter wants to play imaginary school. For at least thirty minutes a day, I think of the most creative thing we can do and just go with it (which for the last three nights has included lots of origami. My oldest daughter, Toby, wanted to make butterflies!).

What advice would you give back to your pregnant self? Sake more photos! I think I'll always cherish being pregnant, and I wish I would have documented even more of it. 

Which mommy and me jewelry set are you loving best? Mom & Me Sun Necklace Set!