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Band of Mothers: Claire Olshan

Band of Mothers: Claire Olshan

Because being a mom means giving your heart to another to watch them grow, learn and explore. This Mother’s Day, Aurate is honoring all the incredible mothers like you who put their whole heart into everything they do, while giving it fully to their children.

First up is Claire Olshan, who considers herself in order a daughter, then a dreamer, then a do-er, then a creator (Fivestory & DADA) and finally a mother.

What is one thing your mother has passed onto you? 99% done is 100% not done. To always make my bed. Never go to sleep angry...get things off your chest, don't wallow in feelings. Call your mother everyday. 

What is something you hope to pass onto your child/children? The important of family. The importance of history. The importance of the moral and value system that history has taught us and that keeps families strong. 

How do you hope to be remembered by your child? Joyful, creative, insightful, honest and loving. 

What is your everyday, go-to mom hack? Almond butter and stickers.

How do you encourage creativity in your children? Giving them freedom!

What advice would you give back to your pregnant self? Patience with yourself and Patience with you children are gold. Don't plan too much, don't expect too much, be present live in the moment. if you live in the future or the past you'll miss everything. 

Which mommy and me jewelry set are you loving best? Mom & Me Sun Necklace Set!