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Band of Mothers: Sai De Silva

Band of Mothers: Sai De Silva

Because being a mom means giving your heart to another to watch them grow, learn and explore. This Mother’s Day, Aurate is honoring all the incredible mothers like you who put their whole heart into everything they do, while giving it fully to their children.

We sat down with is Sai De Silva, creative director and founder of Scout The City, an online destination for all things wellness, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle-related, as well as a digital diary documenting motherhood in all its imperfect glory. She creates content that serves to inspire and empower millennial women as they tackle everyday life while making them laugh in the process.

What is one thing your mother has passed onto you? Spontaneity

What is something you hope to pass onto your child/children? I hope to pass on my work ethic and passion for life

How do you hope to be remembered by your child? I hope London and Rio will see me as someone they are proud of. They will remember that I was kind, treated others with respect and believed that positive energy can take you far in life. 

What is your everyday, go-to mom hack during this extra time at home? I am always finding ways to hide nutrient dense foods in things like pizza and pancakes. I add strawberry Tejari pea protein into the pancakes or peanut butter smoothies. I also sprinkle nutritional yeast on stove top popcorn and call it cheesy corn. They have no idea that it’s loaded with B vitamins. All they know is that it tastes terrific.

How do you encourage creativity in your children? I try to encourage creativity through variety. Whether we’re doing arts and crafts, make believe, dress up, baking, or doing a project, I try to show them that imagination is an important ability and each activity is an opportunity to express themselves!

What advice would you give back to your pregnant self? Slow down and stop rushing it. Learn to accept the body changes and realize that it is such a gift to experience pregnancy. It’s only for a small time in your life so embrace it. 

Which mommy and me jewelry set are you loving best? Mom & Me Sun Necklace Set!