AUde to Women

In honor of Women's Day, let's hear it for the sisterhood.

In honor of Women's Day, let's hear it for the sisterhood.
Today, on International Women's Day, we're surveying the sisterhood we're lucky enough to be surrounded by, and paying tribute to a few of our all-time favorite women who told us what it means to them to live powerful lives with no concessions – just as we strive for every day. 

From our community to yours, here's to intrepid, inspired and tenacious women. As a wise woman said, 'May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.'

Meet Marina, Banker in New York

Marina wearing our Obelisk Ring
"You can work in banking and still not be a banker. You can have many interests which are seemingly incongruous. No concessions has meant embracing who I am and what I like even if it means it doesn't all fit into a neat little box. Keep remembering you only live once and any hard choice is made much easier!"

Meet Josephine, Doctor in Amsterdam

Josephine wearing our Flower Earrings

"As a cancer researcher and M.D., concessions just aren’t an option. How can you make concessions when treating a sick patient? Or when trying to find a cure for cancer? But also outside of work, I want to live life to the fullest. A life without concessions. A life to be proud of."


Meet Azza, Scientist in Boston

Azza wearing inverse ring

 As a scientist, no concessions means having total faith in the potential of my ideas”


Meet Katherine, Designer & Founder of Larkin Hughes in New York

Katherine is wearing our Geometric Square Ring

"As a mother, I work every day to instill awareness, kindness and compassion in myself and my children. As a small business owner, I insist on working in local NYC factories where I can observe first hand the working conditions and have relationships with the people who make our garments. Ethical sourcing and production - no concessions."


 Meet Roos, Psychologist in Singapore

Roos wearing our X ring

"As a psychologist and nutritionist, I really see the importance of nutrition on general wellbeing. No matter what circumstances, I make sure that my baby only has my breastmilk and freshly made foods for the first year - no concessions."

Meet Diya, Entrepreneur in New York

Diya wearing our Obelisk Earrings

"Making no concessions when it comes to hard work is something I was taught and am proud to stand by. However, over the past few years, I’ve realized that I don't want to make any compromises when it came to my personal relationships either. Cheers to being women, and to making no concessions!"