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Mom’s the Word: Catching Up with Samantha Pariente

Mom’s the Word: Catching Up with Samantha Pariente

Motherhood has been on our mind lately, and not just because of Mother’s Day. Not only did we welcome a baby to the AUrate family recently (we are all completely smitten!), we also had the opportunity to catch up with fashion stalwart and dedicated Mom, Samantha Pariente. With an illustrious career working with the fashion industry’s biggest names, Sami became a mother to the delightful Teigen four years ago. And while the world of schedules, naps, and play dates was a whole new world for Sami, it’s clear she wouldn’t have it any other way. Here, we get the inside word on what life is like as a young Mom living in NYC. 

How has motherhood changed your life?

There’s a lot of sacrifices, but they’re all worth it. Your life completely changes. A lot of my friends didn’t understand the changes I was going through until they all started having children.

When they were like "let’s do dinner, let’s do this", you can no longer just drop everything. Everything needs to be planned, you’re on a constant, repeating schedule - you can't just do things on a whim anymore. I mean (the children) are first, you’re not first anymore. So, your whole life changes, but in a good way.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a Mom?

When she laughs, when she laughs at me, when she smiles, when she tells me she loves me - it’s so cute! I mean everything, it’s all rewarding! She’s at the perfect age right now, too.

How has your style changed since you became a Mother?

I focus on being comfortable, but still fashionable. A lot of my day is bringing my daughter back and forth between play dates or classes at school, so I’m definitely in sneakers. But everything else is still the same, just with a little bit more comfort. The way that I wear jewelry hasn’t changed. Being a Mom in Tribeca, I feel like it’s a little fashion epicenter in itself - everyone is super stylish! And it’s a lot of younger Moms and ‘cooler’ Moms in the city.

As a fashion maven and an NYC-based Mom, which is your favorite piece from the AUrate collection?

I can't choose one! So my favorites, apart from the ring and bracelet I already own, are the Diamond Bar Square Ring with Black Diamonds and the Diamond Path Earring.

Sami loves the Diamond Path Earring ($450) and the Diamond Bar Square Ring ($500)

Cover image courtesy of Samantha Pariente and Joe Fresh.