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Wear Local: Jewelry Made in NYC

Wear Local: Jewelry Made in NYC

Jewelry always contains a story. From the designer’s vision, to the origin of the metal and gems, to the hands that craft the piece; it's all part of that story. And it all matters to us, every single detail. We admit control freak tendencies when it comes to our work.
Our jewelry is made right here in New York City. This means we get to know our jewelers, face to face. It makes it easy (too easy?) to drop by the workshop when we just can’t wait to see our newborn designs become reality. Watching our creations emerge and start to glow is nothing short of magic. 

All our gold is sourced in accordance with the highest standards of social, environmental and human rights practices (more about this soon!) and our conflict-free diamonds are purchased in compliance with all applicable UN resolutions. These precious raw materials are delivered to our jewelers in Manhattan’s Diamond District. Our New York team hails from Russia, Israel, Poland, France, and - including us two - Morocco and Holland. We joke that the workshop is our own little United Nations. It’s one of the great things about working in NYC.

In the video below, you get to see David, our superstar finisher, perfecting our gold rings. A former watchmaker with over thirty-five years of experience, David brings his exacting eye to every piece we make. All our jewelers take deep pride in their skills, and we are so confident in their work that we offer a two-year warranty on all purchases. 


You can check out all the gold rings from the video here, including our weighty Geometric Square ring, created with solid 14k rose gold. Every part of the AUrate New York story adds value to our jewelry. When you choose a piece to wear, it becomes part of your own story. We’ll be sharing more behind-the-scenes stories and videos here in the weeks to come. And we'd love to share your stories, too. If you wore your AUrate gold for a memorable occasion, or chose one of our pieces as a gift for someone dear to you, we want to hear about it -get in touch!