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Women Raising The Bar: Audrey Rivet

Women Raising The Bar: Audrey Rivet

Audrey is a Montreal-based freelancer in content creation and graphic design. Passionate about art, design, photography and everything aesthetic related, she craves to explore new perspectives while becoming more knowledgeable about social media – which is where she feels like she can truly express herself. 

Audrey has had the opportunities to work with amazing brands such as Gucci, Aritizia, Mytheresa, Stuart Weitzman, Frank+Oak, Casper, Guerlain, L’Oréal, Le Labo Fragrances, Herbivore, Madewell, Sokoloff, Clarks, GOLO, Mini Living, La Prairie, Arthur Apparel, Oikos Canada and many more! She likes to spend her time at beautifully designed restaurants and coffee shops, vintage clothing stores (and other thrifted treasures), with animals (specially her cats), her friends and other likeminded people. 

Name: Audrey Rivet

Title: Content Creator

What did you want to be growing up? I used to dream of being a veterinarian or a nurse.

What do you still want to be when you grow up? I want to keep being an artist!

What gets you out of bed in the morning? My cat, most of the time, or simply the thoughts of having a lot of work to do!

Where is your favorite place? I have a lot of favourite places and they are all restaurants or cafés. I really love Darna Bistroquet and Café Ferlucci, both located in Montreal.

What's on your bucket list? I want to move to Europe eventually. It's a big move and it scares me, but I feel that's where I truly belong.

Favorite book? Mercure from Amélie Nothomb.

Favorite piece of art? Everything from Matisse.

How do you stay motivated? I'm always stimulated and inspired by the creative people who surrounds me. I love to be inspired by all type of arts, like interior and graphic design, fashion, etc. Diversifying my inspirations makes it easy to stay motivated.

What does being a female in your industry mean to you? think the blogosphere and Instagram in general have created an amazing #girlboss community and it's amazing to see all these business women taking off the world of social media and fashion. I think it has a big impact on how people perceive women around the world and I'm really proud to be part of this community.

How do you celebrate yourself as a woman? I showcase myself (in real life AND on social media) the way that I really want. I have control of my own image and I think that's a great accomplishment. No matter how a woman decides to show herself to the world, I think that taking the freedom to decide is amazing. I really want to show people my self confidence and how I manage to stay confident in a world that keeps telling you you're not enough.

What're your go-to Aurate pieces? Every ring and ear cuff. They all look amazing and are SO my style!