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Women Raising the Bar: Gigi Howard

Women Raising the Bar: Gigi Howard

Gigi Howard has a secret, and she's sharing it with everyone. This formidable Southern Belle with the magnetic personality, adventuresome spirit and natural beauty is shaking up the beauty industry with her creation, the SiO SkinPad.

Formulated and clinically proven to help remove and prevent cleavage wrinkles, Gigi is on a mission to help empower women to feel comfortable in their skin by alleviating the signs of aging... Literally a weight off their chests. Now let's get to know Gigi a little better... 

Name: Gigi Howard

Title: Founder of SiO Beauty

What did you want to be growing up? I wanted to be a model.

What do you still want to be when you grow up? Happy.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Soulcycle.

What gets you into bed at night? My SiO patches.

Where is your favorite place? My hometown Statesboro, Georgia.

What makes you laugh? My six year old son's sense of humor.

What's on your bucket list? Travel to Bali.

Favorite book? Southern Lady Code and Three Women.

Favorite piece of art? Portrait of my son. Southworth by Charlie Hanavich.

Favorite past time? Being in Georgia, sitting by a bonfire listening to country music.

What's the best advice you've ever received? The most important thing you can do is be kind to everyone, even if they aren't kind to you.

What does balance mean to you? There's no such thing as balance and everyone should embrace the chaos.

Guilty pleasures? Dark chocolate and martinis.

When it comes to jewelry, what is your approach? Classic, simple, and never showy.