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Your Birthstone & What It Means

Your Birthstone & What It Means
Do you know what your birthstone is? 

 Trick question. Although we tend to obsess over our monthly horoscopes and may or may not have a growing crystal collection, birthstones remain a mysterious topic.

At AUrate, we like to think of ourselves as gem connoisseurs, so we’ve taken a deep dive into the history of birthstones to shed light on their meaning. Needless to say, we found so much good stuff about the power of stones to protect, purify and generally enhance your aura, we dropped everything and created a special collection of birthstone jewelry.

This handy guide—by your birthday month—to colorful gems and their unique symbolism will get you up to speed. Oh, and btw, don’t think you’re forever obliged to wear just your birthstone. Legends say you can tap into the qualities you’d like to cultivate by wearing a stone that’s known for them. Commitment’s not an issue here.

January / Garnet

These burnt red gems have long been associated with royalty. In antiquity they were often used as settings for signet rings and worn by the wealthy. Fancy. Garnets are said to keep you safe during travel and true to course (as in in life.) They also represent eternal friendship, trust and a good at generating passion.

Birthstone Bracelet with Garnet

February / Amethyst:

The ancient Greeks crafted wine goblets from this stone as it was believed to keep the wearer clear headed, witty and even prevent intoxication. Amethysts are also great at strengthening relationships, giving you courage and heightening psychic powers.

Birthstone studs with Amethyst

March / Aquamarine

Formerly favored by sailors (“aqua” = water “marine” = of the sea) as a protective talisman, this light blue bauble is also known for its healing properties. Aquamarine tempers judgment, improves self-expression and in general just calms you down. We’ll take three.

Birthstone necklace with Aquamarine

April / White Topaz

The ancient Egyptians and Romans revered white topaz as the stone of the sun god. It’s believed to aid manifestation, improve perception and basically turn up the volume on your spirit guides. 

Birthstone studs with White Topaz

May / Emerald

King Solomon, Cleopatra and Elizabeth Taylor considered it a favorite. Need we say more? Emeralds serve as a symbol of renewal, rebirth, growth and fertility. It can manifest huge gifts of good fortune and abundance. 

Birthstone Bracelet with Emerald

June / Moonstone

Many cultures have believed this gem to have been conjured by moonbeams. It was carried by monks and shamans and is said to reach its peak magic potential when (you guessed it) the moon is full. This jewel will enhance intuition, bring about balance, help you meditate and awaken your divine feminine, unleashing your goddess energy. Yes, please. 

Birthstone Necklace with Moonstone

July / Ruby

The Hindus considered this blood-red stone to be the ultimate guard against the evil eye capable of warding off disasters. Today the ruby is associate with love, passion and a zest for life. It’s said to instill confidence, encourage joy and spontaneity. We can see it being a first-date must-bring. 

Birthstone studs with Ruby

August / Peridot

Peridot is extremely rare. It’s formed deep inside the earth and is brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions. In the Middle Ages it has been used as a charm against the dark arts and to decorate the robes of clergymen. It symbolizes strength and is said to protect the wearer from nightmares, purify the aura and alleviate guilt and obsessions. The jury’s out on whether or not it can break your social media addiction. 

Birthstone Bracelet with Peridot

September / Blue Sapphire

Throughout history, blue sapphires have been used as guards against poison and were associated with inner vision—helping you see your path and purpose more clearly. A favorite rock among priests and kings. It’s the stone of truth, wisdom, purity and sincerity. 

Birthstone Studs with Blue Sapphire

October / Dark Pink Sapphire

Known as the “intelligence stone,” pink sapphires have been associated with the higher mind and self-mastery for centuries. It’s a symbol of wisdom, resilience, charisma and helps with problem-solving skills. A good one for girl bosses. 

Birthstone Necklace with Pink Sapphire

November / Citrine

Believed to harbor heat and sunshine because of its warm orange color, citrine has been the preferred stone of healers. It’ll kick off purification, promote creativity, eliminate self-destructive tendencies and bring about luck and prosperity. A good office desk companion that’ll keep creative ideas flowing. 

Birthstone Necklace with Citrine

December / London Blue Topaz

Worn by aristocrats in the medieval era, topaz has always been a highly prized gem associated with learning, inspiration and communication. It’ll help you engage in deep focus, tame your emotions and fight off chaos. A good choice for anyone who copes with stressful situations all day. As in all of us. 

Birthstone Studs with London Blue Topaz