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Aurate is not just by women, for women. It's about women and because of women. Founded on the premise that every woman has a story to tell and we want to hear all of them, Aurator quite simply means storyteller (spelled the golden way). So who better to tell the story of our latest capsule, and their own, than four inspiring women -- who happen to look damn good in gold?

We never considered ourselves the posse type, but we may just have changed our minds after spending time with this gaggle of jaw-dropping forces. Get comfy, it’s story time and these Aurators have something to say.


Meet Sarah

We wouldn’t count household chores as one of our great passions, quite the opposite actually. Which is one of the many reasons why Sarah Paiji Yoo knocked our socks off. Founder of Bluelands, a brand modernizing household cleaning products through sustainability (a word we love to hear), Sarah is single handedly ridding the world of single-use plastics one spray bottle at a time.

Sarah is wearing the Aurator Small Circle Pendant

Meet Emily

You may be building your personal brand, but Emily Heyward wrote the book on it. Literally. As co-founder of Red Antler, the brand agency most likely behind your favorite campaigns, tag lines, and -- well -- brands, she writes the brand book time and time again for heavy hitting clients. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard University, began her career working as a strategist at D’Arcy, Saatchi & Saatchi, and JWT, and if that isn’t enough to impress you we can go all day.

Emily is wearing the Aurator Small Tag Pendant.  

Meet Gala 

The irony of Gala Gonzalez’s name is not lost on us because she is just that -- a Gala. She’s a spectacle, a celebration, and an event all wrapped up in one. A fashion influencer at a glance, Gala has worked hard to put herself behind the camera and the clothes. She is the designer behind the label Amlul and author of Gala Confidential. A hell of a triple threat if you ask us.

 Gala is wearing the Aurator Small Oval Pendant.

Meet Nicole

You know that feeling when you get past the dreaded first week of a juice cleanse or post-holiday health plan and your skin looks all glowy and you’re happy and colors are brighter and you smile a little more? Well Nicole is that feeling in human form. Founder of Splendid Spoon, ready-to-eat, plant-based meal plans that help you with that post-spa feeling on a daily basis. Apart from giving birth to Splendid Spoon, she’s a mom of two (with, though you’d never guess it, number three on the way). 

Nicole is wearing the Aurator Large Oval Pendant

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